Breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, dinner, supper & barbeque for meeting, PR events, seminar, training, exhibition, sport events, product launching, housewarming, birthday, special gathering, doa selamat / tahlil, akikah, engagement, wedding, party & breaking fast. Including pack food delivery, catering tools leasing & canopy services. We cater for 100 pax onwards with reasonable price. (Call NOW!: 016-220 6876)

When serving food for catering, we were using stainless steel or plastic spoon and fork, depends on types of event. Stainless steel is any of various steels alloyed with at least 10 percent chromium and sometimes containing other elements and that are resistant to corrosion or rusting associated with exposure to water and moist air. For plates, we were using melamine or styroform (polystyrene) plates.

Melamine (picture) is a white crystalline organic base; used mainly in making melamine resins, while polystyrene is a soft light plastic material that prevents heat or cold from passing through it. However, we use different set of plates and cups for VIP serving.

As an example, we use polystyrene plates for breakfast catering session at
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