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Barbeque catering

For the past few weeks, I always have barbeque (BBQ) catering order. Lately, I already did four BBQ sessions, mostly for birthday party. Anybody needs BBQ for any occasion, do let me know.

(Pics): Mix satey (chicken, meat, prawn, chicken sosej, etc) & assorted of fish.


Puteri Ezza said...

Assalamu'alaikum. Salam perkenalan. Wah, saya suka sangat dengan blog ini. Lain daripada yang lain - berkisar tentang katering. Terasa lapar pula perut ini. Hehehe.

Web Sutera said...

Alaikumsalam sdr Puteri Ezza. Terima kasih kerana melawat & tinggalkan jejak. Pls visit again & if u needs catering service, do let me know.

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