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Buns & Guns’ sandwich!

At "Buns and Guns" you can order a "Kalashnikov" sandwich from a bullet-shaped menu, prepared by chefs in military fatigues with the roar of explosions as background music.

This new fast food restaurant in Beirut's southern suburbs, where the Hezbollah movement holds sway, was the brainchild of co-owner Ali Hammoud. He said the war theme was a novel concept that had nothing to do with Lebanon's bloody recent history.

"It's just an idea I had, nothing more, nothing less. I could have put toys in place of the sandbags and teddy bears instead of guns. But it was just an idea," Hammoud told Reuters.

"You could say that the situation in the country made people pay attention," added Hammoud, sitting outside his restaurant, which has become popular with teenagers.

Guns, bullets and pictures of other weapons decorate the interior. The slogan "A sandwich can kill you," with a picture of a gun superimposed on a burger, is displayed outside.
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Anonymous said...

yes ..yang ni kita dah tengok masa dalam berita kelmarin...creative and inovative...tukang masak dan pelayan pun pakai baju tenterakan?..interesting..

salam hormat

Web Sutera said...


Ya betul, dia orang pakai unifom tentera!

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