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Dishes: Nasi lemak and sour and hot fish

9 Zulhijjah 1431H - What’s nasi lemak (coconut-flavored rice meal)? It is rice cooked in coconut milk made aromatic with pandan leaves (screwpine leaves). It is typically served with sambal ikan bilis - fried dried anchovies cooked in a dry sambal sauce, and garnished with cucumber slices, hard boiled egg and roasted peanuts. Traditionally packaged in a banana leaf, it is usually eaten as hearty breakfast fare.

Extra dishes are chicken rendang, meat rendang, fried cattle lung and more! God willing, we serve the best chicken rendang in town. Wanna try? Call us!

Ikan asam pedas (sour and hot fish) is spicy and delicious, famous at Melaka. This dish is originated from one of the races in Malaysia known as the Baba-Nyonya. They are descendants of mixed marriages between the China-Chinese and the local Malays many centuries ago.

It is spicy and sourish in taste and no coconut milk is required in the preparation of the dish. The aroma of the dish is further enhanced with the addition of ginger torch (ginger flower) and polygonum (kesum leaves). Fish is typically used in the cooking of the dish with garnishes of ladyfingers, tomatoes.

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Events that order nasi lemak as one of the menus:
All red Chinese affairs: Full Moon Ceremony
Katering untuk sesi Pledge and Plant a Tree

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